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Free Cannabis Seeds - How to Find The Best Photo And Autoflower Seeds Online for USA

Looking for some free seeds? Many genetics companies and seed vendors will give out free stuff at various times for various reasons. Here's a couple pointers for getting free or heavily discounted seeds:

  • Attend pop-ups and events that are cannabis related. Vendors give out free stuff as part of marketing at these events, and it lets you meet some of the owners and fellow fans

  • Many seed companies run campaigns and give free seeds with every order - check out the deals today at ILGM's Deals Page and Seedsman's Deals Page

  • Find Cannabis related clubs like VIP Program or GreenClub for new releases and free stuff

  • Join site forums and chats for various companies - they give out free seeds in a separate promotions page including members of the month, bud of the month, and various contests

  • Email the genetics company owners directly and ask if they need any beta testers!

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