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GreenRoads CBD Arthritis Pain Relief Roll-On Review

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

I have arthritis and inflammation in my back. So does my dad and grandfather - its common in our family, along with arthritis in the hands. Injections provide temporary relief, but also raise my blood sugar as a type 1 diabetic. Over the counter pain and anti-inflammatory medications help on some days, but no doctor is going to recommend taking those every single day. So I decided to try out some CBD products to see what could help. Full disclosure: GreenRoads sent me this for free to try out and review. I didn't ask for it, I simply got to talking to a local representative here in Virginia and agreed to try it out. I have an affiliate link HERE if you want to access some deals on their website.

To start, this is a new product of theirs that has a roll-on application. This makes it very convenient to apply even with back pain and no one to help. It has 1500mg of CBD in the bottle, as well as 4% camphor and 8% menthol - and a variety of other inactive ingredients that are plant extracts.

I tried this out on a couple different days. One day with low activity and back pain (working at home on computer), one with medium activity and back pain (walking around a local festival and playing with toddler), and one with high activity and back pain (digging soil and mulching garden all day).

My overall review is: yes it helps, and reduces the need for medication. I'm not going to say it can completely eliminates the need for anti-inflammatory and pain meds on the medium to heavy activity/pain days, but it certainly does help and reduce that need/amount. After application you can immediately feel the cooling menthol. Within 10 minutes I could feel my muscles loosening up, relieving that tightness you get when there is a back flare up. For the next several hours, my back felt more flexible and loose. For long hard days I'd apply it 3 times total, every few hours. For light days, 1-2 times.

For those light days I didn't need any meds. The medium and heavy days I still needed some, but about 50% of my usual dose - and I certainly felt better in general with the combination.

Overall, I'm happy with the results. If you have been skeptical about CBD products like I have, try this or one of GreenRoads other products. They have everything from topical meds to oils and gummies - and even something to help out your pets. Use my link and you can get free shipping on orders over $50, and there are deals running right now as well as discounts for Military, Teachers, and First Responders. They also have a rewards program for repeat customers!

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