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Grow Tent Kits: The Cheap Indoor Setup With Carbon Filter Fan

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

So you want to start growing your own medical or recreational cannabis at home? Great! First step is to find a space! However, you can't just use any space. You need a controlled environment that doesn't leak light, keeps your plants at the right temperature and humidity, and gets the proper airflow.

The cheapest and best option? A grow tent. They come in all kinds of sizes from a small 2x2 tents, to giant 10x20 rooms, to discreet hidden cabinets. How do you choose which one to buy?

First, consider where you want to put it. Will it need to be hidden in a piece of furniture? If so, you may want to consider CabiGrow. They make discreet cabinets that have everything included and ready to go. Their technology is top notch, and they often run promotions for discounts.

If hiding in furniture isn't your thing, maybe you just want a full All-In-One grow kit from The Bud Grower. They have pretty much every option you could ever want, from HPS to LED, and hydro to soil. They have kits for beginners to advanced growers, at discount prices often on their deals page.

VIVOSUN is another a trusted company in this space, offering great deals daily and on first time orders on pretty much everything you could ever need for a hydroponic or soil grow. Their tents and supplies are surprisingly affordable compared to others in the market.

If you are more of a DIY person, shop around and put together the pieces yourself! There are plenty of vendors and reviews online. Just remember, don't go cheap on your tent or your lights! They are the most important factors in producing top quality grows!

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