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Learning to Grow Weed: Best Blogs, Links, and Classes to Learn to Grow Cannabis

The internet is a big place full of what we growers call "bro science". This is especially true in the weed/cannabis world, where "bros" with big egos and little to no science education project their grow 'knowledge' posting pictures as proof. By the way, the above picture is Lawless Grow's personal Blueberry plants... so clearly we are the most superior growers ever! (Joking)

Even the most advanced senior growers are having their bro science debunked left and right by real science, and they definitely aren't happy about it.

So who can you trust? Experts. With degrees in horticulture, that study cannabis/hemp. Also classes given by master growers that can back up their pointers with citations from studies on hemp/cannabis or other plants. Most importantly, your own experience can also teach you! I've made just about every mistake that can be made while growing, and I learn something new every year. You are going to make mistakes too, and that's ok. Here are some resources to help you avoid big ones:

Finally, you can also READ our blog! We give tips, tricks, and pointers based on real science. We also highly suggest looking up videos done by Dr. Bruce Bugbee - he's the top medical hemp and cannabis researcher in the country, working for Nasa and Utah State University as the Director of the Crop Physiology Laboratory.

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