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Why Lawless Grow? Our History

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

So why "Lawless Grow"?

Hello! I'm Grant, Owner/Founder here at Lawless Grow. I'm a practicing attorney with a secret: a cannabis industry passion and resume. Thus the 'Lawless Grow' side of my life - although it's all legal now.

As a kid helping family/friends in the garden, then working high school and college at a large nursery supplying local and big box stores - I've always loved growing plants. All kinds of plants, but especially cannabis.... for many reasons both medically and recreationally. Several autoimmune diseases let me get my California medical card as soon as the laws allowed.

Through college and law school I split my time between school and the cannabis industry. I learned from - and seed tested for - legendary cannabis breeder Subcool (may he rest in peace), owner of world renown "The Dank"/"TGA Genetics. In California I started reviewing dispensaries for WeedMaps, working at a dispensary, and witnessing the legal chaos of the medical cannabis boom.

As my law practice and career continued to grow, so did my cannabis growing/industry experience. New knowledge into running a business, marketing/SEO, product launching, strain selection, commercial growing, and cannabis regulations finally led to establishing this company in 2021 when I moved back to Virginia.

We took long tested private formulas/secrets, and had top scientists perfect them. Every product we make (more are coming!) we personally use and test in our gardens, greenhouses, and indoor grows. I don't want to spray harsh chemicals near my wife, toddler, dogs, or anyone else - especially on our food crops. Our products balance natural plant derived ingredients like essential oils with more science driven (but still minimum risk) ingredients like isopropyl alcohol and citric acid. Each ingredient is carefully chosen based on scientific research - some for pesticide/fungicide activity, some for plant protection and health.

The end goal come legalization in Virginia is a cannabis farm focusing on medical benefit strains and supporting local farmers. Thank you for your support!

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