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Home Grow Bundle Plant Bodyguard + Soap Surfactant

Home Grow Bundle Plant Bodyguard + Soap Surfactant

$49.99 Regular Price
$44.99Sale Price

(1) 8oz Bottle of Plant Bodyguard Concentrate

(1) 16oz Bottle of Simple Soap Surfactant Concentrate


The best combination!  For use together or separately depending on growth stage and pest! Both bottles are concentrates that you mix with water for foliar spray and/or root drench treatment.


Our Simple Soap Surfactant can be used on its own on plants, or added to a mix with Plant Bodyguard (or other foliar) to increase foliar spray effectiveness.  Our high quality ingredient surfactant breaks the surface tension in mixes allowing droplets to spread more easily and adhere longer to leaf surfaces.  Not only can it be used in the garden (as a insectidal soap or plant wash), it can also be used in the home for everything from cleaning to hand washing.  Because of it's higher pH and high quality ingredients, it is also effective against mold & mildew both inside and in the garden.  It is also good through harvest on all plants.


Plant Bodyguard is our original Clean Green Certified Organic formula pesticide/fungicide concentrate.  Combining several types of oils including thyme, peppermint, castor, and sunflower with sodium lauryl sulfate (ours sourced from coconuts) and isopropyl alcohol as a hard-hitting preventative and treatment for various pests and fungus in the garden.  Everything from mites to aphid to fungus gnats can be treated up until harvest on washed crops, or until the last 2-3 weeks for unwashed/smoked crops.

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