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Simple Soap Surfactant - 16oz Concentrate

Simple Soap Surfactant - 16oz Concentrate


We took top quality oils from cannabis seeds, coconuts, olives, and jojoba seeds to make the best concentrated liquid castile soap.  Also called potassium salts of fatty acids, this soap has all kinds of uses in the garden and in the home.


Surfactants (from "surface active agent") are commonly used together with pesticides/fungicides like Plant Bodyguard, as they reduce surface tension of droplets and increase both area coverage and efficacy of the sprays. Here we have brought you simple, high quality liquid soap that is an excellent surfactant, but can also be used in a variety of other areas around your home and garden.


Our Simple Soap Surfactant can be used on its own on plants, or added to a mix with Plant Bodyguard (or other foliar) to increase foliar spray effectiveness.  Because of it's higher pH and high quality ingredients, it is also effective against mold & mildew both inside and in the garden.  It is also good through harvest on all plants.


Our cruelty free, eco-friendly formula is made and bottled right here in Virginia USA




Add 1-4oz per gallon (or 1 tbsp per quart) of mixed sprays like Plant Bodyguard in your garden/greenhouse/indoor on plants.


General cleaning of your greenhouse, tent, kitchen, bath? 2 oz per gallon (or 1/4 cup per quart)


Refill hand soap dispenser monthly at 1 part soap to 3 part water


Hand wash dishes with 1 part soap to 10 parts water


Dirty dog?  Wet fur and use small amount to lather and rinse!  (note: essential oil content very minimal for scent only for those concerned on toxicity)

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