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Cannabis Bud Rot & Powdery Mildew - Causes, Prevention, and Treatment

It’s that time again - we are getting close to harvest time! Buds are putting on weight, humidity is high, and both bud rot and powdery mildew are real threats on top of all the bugs and animals attacking your crop.

First, let’s know the difference between these two attackers:

Bud rot is actually the Botrytis fungus and is one of the most common diseases seen by greenhouse growers. It is also common called gray mold. It can spread to all kinds of plants, in all stages of growth, and can move through air current or splashing water. It prefers dense canopies, and because of its rapid growth it can develop resistance to treatment.

Powdery Mildew, sometimes called “dry mold”, is a fungal disease caused by many different species of fungi. It does not need standing water or long periods of high humidity to start. Brief temporary fluctuations in the environment is all it needs to get spores on your plants and start destroying crops.

The first approach to stopping the spread is to dry out the atmosphere and use fungicide preventative sprays like Plant Bodyguard.

Ideal temperatures for cannabis are between 68-85F, with as little swings as possible. Particularly, pay attention to the time after lights out. Because temperatures can drop rapidly, during that time the air holds less water and that results in condensation and pockets of high humidity. These are the pockets where mold and mildew get in.

Why does Plant Bodyguard work?

First, it changes the pH of the leaf surfaces temporarily making it difficult for mold and mildew infections to hold on.

Next, the ingredients in Plant Bodyguard have been found to not only prevent but also fight against various mold and mildew. Our special formulation of plant oils, essential oils, and cleaners give a multi-attack approach to prevention and fighting. Particularly, thyme and peppermint oils have been found to have effective a anti-fungal properties. We specially formulated our product at very exact levels for preventing and fighting various fungal and pest attacks common to both cannabis and general produce grown indoor and outdoor.

It’s highly recommended that on top of limiting temperature and humidity fluctuations, you also:

  • Thin out plants to avoid dense canopies and humidity pockets

  • Put up fans to increase air flow

  • Air off (with fan or leaf blower) plants after rain periods

  • Spray weekly and after every rain with Plant Bodyguard

  • If effected areas are found, try to cut them out immediately and spray with Plant Bodyguard, and also make sure to throughly sanitize any tools, clothes, hands, etc that touched effected areas.

Sometimes if a disease has spread too far, it’s best to destroy the crop and start over vs. fighting an ongoing battle. Simply walking through, touching, cutting, or spraying effected areas with water can cause immediate spread. Spores stay on hands and clothes as people travel from one area or another. The spread can quickly become a nightmare. This is why preventative maintenance and defenses with our product line paired with proper plant management is key!

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